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AGATSU Aikido of Montreal

Member of the Canadian Aikido Federation

 Sensei Marcel Lavigne

  • 5th Dan (Aikido Aikikai)
  • 1st Dan Iaido (FCKI)

Sensei Michel Lapointe

  • 5th Dan (Aikido Aikikai)


Curious about Aikido?

Come watch one of our classes and meet our Sensei.


Monday:         18:30 - 19:45

Tuesday:         18:00 – 19:30      Weapons

Wednesday:   18:30 - 19:45

Thursday:       18:00 – 19:30      Advanced

Summer Schedule (From June 24th to Sept 1st)

Monday:       18:30 - 19:45

Tuesday:       18:00 – 19:30      Weapons

Wednesday:                     No class

Thursday:     18:00 – 19:30      Advanced


Dojo fees

Aikido is non-profit, the fees collected are for the registration with the CAF as well as rent and maintenance fees for the Dojo.

Annual CAF registration:      20$

Dojo membership fees:          140$ (3 months unlimited classes).

When you decide to join our Dojo there will be a 20$ fee to register you with the CAF. This fee reoccurs annually and ensure, among other things, that your testing and progression conforms to the CAF standards and your progression is officially recognised.

Membership fees are 140$ every 12 weeks / 3 months. This fee may be paid by check, in cash, or by credit card.

As a member you may attend all classes as you wish.


Contact us

7100, rue Sagard
Montréal, Québec  H2E 2S5

514 374-9292


Our Dojo is just by the Iberville Metro station.